Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Amazing Ring-pen to Prevent Writer’s Cramp Read

Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome writing with RING-PEN and avoid such CTS release!

         CONVENTIONAL PEN                           RING – PEN      
Increased Risk
Carpal Tunnel
No Risk
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Blister or numbness may develop on your middle finger may if you write frequently  for extended periods of time with regular pens. As we grow older flexibility of fingers is reduced and we find increasingly difficult to write due to joint aches leading to decrease in quality of the our handwriting. When work activities or hobbies require repetitive wrist or finger motion, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Writer’s cramp) can occur.

25% of professionals who does extensive writing activity are at risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and some form of CTS.CTS is a mechanical malfunction of the hand and wrist due to repetitive movement causes shortening of the thenar muscles which in turn creates  adverse stress on the median nerve.This debilitating disease causes intense pain.75% of  carpal tunnel patients are unable to return to to their work after surgery and some require unlimited medical treatment.

Ring- pen has found favourable review from the Arthritis Foundation of USA because it relieves Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferers due to its ergonomically sound design and  relieves many of the stresses of the ordinary pen. Advantage in using Ring- pen includes

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  • No more gripping with three fingers as we do with ordinary pen.
  • We can write rapidly with less  fatigue.
  • All your fingers are absolutely relaxed. 
  • Ergonomically designed to fit the human hand to eases the pain of Arthritis suffers and helps prevent writer’s cramp.
  • Excellent for children with poor fine motor skills.
  • Best suited to any one who writes for long period of time like students, teachers, secretaries, office workers, accountants, etc.
  • As pen attached to your finger no need to lay the pen  down to answer the telephone or to use a calculator.
  • Minimal force and effort is required to control it as center of gravity of the pen coincides with the point of support.
  • Static finger muscle tension is reduced as need to queeze a pen while writing is eliminated thereby reducing the cause of CTS. 

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